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MOTHBALLS IN MY ATTIC - Prompts for Reminiscing

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Product Description

Mothballs in My Attic: Prompts for Reminiscing

Mothballs in My Attic is a fill-in-the-blank reminiscing workbook. Participants are prompted to complete a sentence about their childhood or early life. For instance:

  • The family car we used for vacations was a ________________.
  • My mother always shopped at the ________________ supermarket.
  • My all time favorite teacher was ________________.
  • My childhood kitchen table shape was ________________.

When participants answer each question with one word, their mind then goes back to their childhood homes and fills in the rest of the story: where they sat at the table, what time they ate dinner every night, what placemats, plates, drinking glasses were used, and so on. The process of a one-word answer brings the experience of the entire scenario. Suddenly, participants are transformed to that time, and instantly, they have experienced a MIMA (Mothballs in My Attic) Moment. The inevitable smile is unavoidable. Take your time; it's a memory extravaganza. It's not to be rushed but rather enjoyed.

ISBN 0-9753163-0-3; published by MIMA Publications


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